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Archos 605 80GB mini-review

I just bought an Archos 605 player to replace my Creative Zen Vision 30GB player. This new Archos 605 is awesome compared to the Zen. It is slightly more intimidating than the Zen, but I like that. There are tons of options for videos, photos, and music to allow you to personalize your experience.

Web Browser - It has a Opera-powered web browser that works great on such a small device. The only problem I had with it, was the included Wifi range was not as good as a laptop. From inside my house I couldn't get a good enough signal to use the web browser, since my router is in my office by our garage.

Music - You can browse your music either by the tags (like Artist, Album, Year, Genre, etc.) or you can browse them by how they are stored on the hard drive. This is nice for me since a lot of my files are tagged wrong. All of my cover art showed up that I had tried including some that only had the cover art embedded in the files. Music sounded great as I thought it would, and had plenty of volume. I will know for sure on my next plane trip though.

Videos - All my videos played great. I have some in XVID and DIVX with audio in AC3 and MP3 and they played great. The aspect ratio leaves a little to be desired, as I had to play the videos in the 'Original format' aspect ratio to show all the video, and there is a very small black space to the left and right. When you are browsing your videos, each has a little thumbnail image showing a screen grab of the movie. When a movie is currently highlighted, the little thumbnail actually starts playing the video, this is very cool!

Photos - Photos were great to view, and the slideshow is nice. By sliding your finger across the image right and left you can go to the previous or the next image. By sliding your finger up or down you can rotate the image. You can hold your finger on the screen for a second or two, and it will zoom in on the image. Then if you move your finger around, you move the image around as it is zoomed in. You can of course do all this from the side buttons too.

Screen - The screen is gorgeous. It is a 800x480 resolution, and it shows. All the icons are crisp, and photos and videos look great.

Size - This 80GB version of the Archos 605 is slightly longer than the specs say it is. The thichness is 20mm, which jives with the manufacturers specs, compared with the 30Gb thichness of 15mm. However the 80GB (and most likely the 160GB) is 126mm in length, as opposed to the listed length of 122 mm.


Pros -

  • Awesome, touch-screen
  • Holds all my stuff (I have the 80GB capacity version)
  • Videos, photos, music are all a joy to view and listen to
  • Web browser is a welcome addition and could be useful

Cons -

  • Wifi range is not too great
  • 80GB version is a little heavy in my pocket, but the 30GB is slightly smaller and a little lighter too.

Few more pics:

Archos 605 size comparison between it and Treo and PSP

Archos 605 browser

Archos 605 main menu

Archos 605 - Side view

Archos 605 - Top view

Archos 605 - 30GB vs 80Gb size - Pic 1

Archos 605 - 30GB vs 80GB size - Pic 2

Archos 605 - 30GB vs 80GB size - Pic 3

Archos 605 - 30GB vs 80GB size - Pic 4
2007-09-05 14:02:30 GMT